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Steve Blackstock View

Steve and his wife Jo-Ann opened DriveRight five years ago with one goal in mind: "To treat every customer with respect, courtesy, and fairness." It sometimes is very hard to break out of the traditional way of "doing" the car business. They understood that all people really want is to be treated with respect, without all the doubletalk, and not to be pressured while they decide what the best vehicle fit is for them. At DriveRight we offer "wholesale to the public" pricing, a great selection, and the ability to work out financing for nearly everyone. Steve and his wife have two children, Jessica and Jacob. Come see him today at DriveRight in Statesville and be suprised at just how easy and enjoyable buying your next vehicle can be!

Jessica Blackstock View

Jess is the "Girl Friday" here at DriveRight. The stacks of paperwork that cross her desk everyday could choke a moose but she always has a smile on her face and a can-do attitude for every thing we ask her to do. Title work, finance forms and accounting are fun for her so we just let her have fun all day long. Keeping things straight around here isn't easy but with Jess taking care of it we are free to do what we do best: sell the best cars, trucks, vans and SUV's in Statesville.

Chuck Bryant View

Chuck Bryant is a really busy guy. He is the senior Pastor at Vision Outreach in Conover, a family man with a beautiful wife Tisha as well as three bright and energetic children, and he also is charged with the responsibility of buying all the vehicles for DriveRight Auto Sales. We count on Chuck's great eye for value, his experience in choosing only vehicles that have been well cared for. Thanks Chuck! You're doing a great job!

Titus  View

This guy's job is a hard one! There are kids to keep entertained, toys to chase, and mailmen to bark at. Titus, our company mascot, is always hard at work. He has boundless energy and a great personality! If we could get his paws to fit the computer keyboard he'd be our "TOP DOG" salesman every month. Come by and make a new friend, check out our great cars, and if you were to bring a doggie bone...

Kevin Moore View

Kevin is an amazing addition to our team. He is thoughtful and hard working, dedicated to customer service and has a great knack for finding everyone the "perfect" vehicle to fit their needs. Kevin has years of experience and a laid back style that makes everyone happy to work with him. He and his daughter Makayla live in Hickory and enjoy their time together watching Disney movies and having pizza night. (Kevin can name over 12 Disney Princesses).
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